Mohammad Ahidur Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

Beloved students and parents,
I consider it an honor and proud to take note of the message as Chief Executive Officer of an educational consulting firm that has earned confidence from both potential students and world-leading universities. With a dedication to career counseling and visa assistance to students pursuing a foreign degree, we’ve founded a company in 2020 called Mentors Education & Migration. Since then, not as the most successful consulting firm, but as perhaps the most reliable and transparent service provider among Bangladeshi students, I have expended my time and efficiency to branding the business.

Every year thousands of students from Bangladesh migrate with the number growing continuously. As a result, the immigration industry has been a mouth-watering and fastest-growing sector in Bangladesh, where the most vital role is played by student consulting firms. Truly speaking, the most vulnerable targets can be YOU as an innocent student. Due to your ignorance of supervised education, advisory firms can take the time to use the wrong information to deceive you and even persuade you into violence to make a maximum profit. Shouldn’t let you down! Don’t let others cheat you!

My advice as Mentors Education & Migration CEO is that “Please do an analysis, even if it is modest, whether physical or virtual about the things you need and about your consultancy companies’ promises to assist you to achieve your desired destination, including your planned program.” Confidence that these measures will definitely help you meet a qualified and helpful consultancy company. I consider myself to be frank, not only as the CEO of Mentors Education & Migration but also, as a pride in the future creation of the immigration industry. 

My role in upholding industrial ethics and ensuring good practice in my business is therefore strict. If you’re looking for a consultancy to pursue your dreams, look for a business – if you are intelligent, I believe that you are – where ethics and practices are upheld. Finally, but not least, I don’t persuade you to get our services, I also invite you and your parents to visit our expert counselors to know how we work to get you on the right career path!

CEO, Mentors Education & Migration