Financial Aid

You will surely agree that the financial aspect will be the ultimate deciding factor after you have a thorough understanding of the universities of your preference and your fit into the desired schools. The cost of studying abroad and other related expenses varies from country to country, from college to university, and also depends on the course you want to take.

The immediate financial burden can be reduced to a great extent if you can get an educational loan, grant or scholarship from the college or university of your choice. Proper guidance, which can only be provided by professional companies such as ours, is needed to accomplish this.

Depending on your academic strength, our education counsellor can assist you to receive financial support in terms of scholarships/ research assistantship/ teaching assistantship / bursaries.

Scholarships for Overseas Education

In particular, if you have a restrictive financial plan to invest in higher education, scholarships can be a great help in planning the financial aspects of education overseas.

Universities and colleges around the world are providing an increased number of international scholarships to ensure an upsurge in the number of international students. There is something for everyone, from programme and major-specific to general study abroad scholarships.

Gaining an in-depth understanding will open up new possibilities for you and will ease the zero-in process at the right destination.

Role of our Career Advisors

Our career advisors assist you to

  • Streamline the process
  • Navigate your way to the right university
  • Avail the right scholarships as per your eligibility

They also coordinate with the university and assist you with the formalities involved in availing the granted funding.

Overseas Education Loan

Studying abroad is an important decision and the financial element will certainly be the ultimate determining factor, as the cost of studying abroad and other related expenses vary from country to country, university to university, and also depends on the path you choose to follow.

Overseas study scholarships and part-time jobs help you support your higher education and
living abroad, but they may not be enough to fund your entire expenditure. In such a situation, if you can obtain a loan for education, the immediate financial burden can be greatly reduced.

To resolve all your queries and provide end to end assistance for overseas education loans, Mentors Education & Migration has an exclusive Overseas Education Loan Division.

Our mission is to provide

  • Affordable funding options
  • Thorough assistance for Overseas Education Loan process
  • Education loan sanction before admission
  • Assisting you in showing 'proof of funds' to the Universities

To achieve this, proper guidance is required and our Education Loan Advisor can assist you by streamlining the entire process.

We thus provide the platform for you to choose the best financing options to fund your overseas education with minimum hassles.

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