Nazir Khan

Executive Director

I am pleased to show my best wishes to all universities abroad who are prepared to recruit students from Bangladesh for their higher education. We just intend to improve quality education for the family and for the country. The young, qualified students are a nation’s backbone. All of them have high quality higher education shortage. Thus, it would help our nation if proper students were sent to suitable foreign universities.

Mentors Education & Migration offers a truly international exposure which helps you to think worldwide and compete in any economy. Mentors Education & Migration takes into account that education entrepreneurship is not merely a company but a noble occupation to provide the country and the world with flourishing human capital as a way to meet the rising challenges of the modern age instead of family and social burdens.

Such challenges and broader demands can be faced only by one entity. We look forward to our proud partner in this initiative being excellent and high-ranking foreign universities and institutions. Our partnership model fits our vision, mission, and priorities for the long term. We should bind each other strongly.

As a particularly unique “Artisan” we aim to educate our people. We sincerely ascertain that “Around each other we build better”.